Lose weight healthy


1. Your desire

The first prerequisite for losing weight it is your desire.It is your desire , not your friends, colleagues or relatives. Excess weight has not gone away by itself ,  there is no magic wand to lose weight . So, you should decide: do you want live new life with the newest body?


2. Consultation and diagnosis of extra weight and fat

Before  start  the weight loss program, there is need to pass examination  and to identify the reasons  of excess weight . our experts will make for You food ration and acquainted you with the procedures, which will help to quickly get rid of excess weight. Even after losing 100 kg of excess weight your skin and body will be  lean and elastic, due to working together with our experts.


3. Starting  to lose weight

If you firmly decided to lose weight , then you need as soon as possible to contact us in order to lose weight and have a lean body.


For registration call ` 011 773-773



Lose weight faster and healthier.

Lose weight healthier from 7 to 15 kg during 30 days



The program includes


-  Doctor  consultation

-  Entire examination of blood

-  Additional examinations

-  Nutrition plan (5 times daily)

-  Fitness 1 month ( with personal coach)

-  Intestine washing

-  Hydro-massage

-  Sharko Shower

-  Pelotherapy


For one month value 100.000 AMD

For registration call`011-773-773