Post-traumatic conditions – damages of the musculoskeletal system (muscular tissues, ligaments, bones, joints). The main types of traumas are sprains, stretchings, lacerations, fractures, bruises, compressions, concussions.

The proper and timely initiated rehabilitation after traumas is very important not only for a speedy recovery and return to normal physical activity, but also to prevent complications and disability.

Rehabilitation after traumas

The recovery course after trauma at our center is assigned individually, depending on the nature of the damage, time, passed after trauma, age and other individual characteristics of the organism.

Rehabilitation after traumas includes the following main directions:

  • acceleration of healing and regeneration processes (juncture of bones, recovery of muscular tissues, ligaments);
  • elimination of inflammatory processes and pain syndromes;
  • elimination of edema;
  • improvement of blood circulation, supply and innervation of the tissue in the affected area;
  • preventing the formation of bedsores (pressure sores).

During the period of rehabilitation after injury, treatment can achieve the following results:

  • accelerate the recovery of motive activity, the return to a normal life and social adaptation;
  • prevent contractures of limbs, muscle atrophy, paresis, arthrosis and other complications of injuries;
  • improve tone of muscular tissues;
  • to restore normal functions and mobility of joints;
  • improve blood circulation and passage of nerve impulses;
  • increase efficiency, improve quality of life and emotional state.

Possible complications after trauma

Complications after injuries are associated with temporary immobility of fixed arms, legs, or compelled immobility of the whole body (in recumbent mode), compressive action of bandages, plaster.

The main reason for such complications:

  • lack of motive activity of muscles,
  • deterioration of blood supply and provision of muscular tissues and ligaments.

Rehabilitation after injury in our Center includes a set of recovery, therapeutic and prophylactic procedures.

These and other methods have no adverse side effects, and their proven effectiveness determines increasing application in recovery medicine for rehabilitation after injury.