Frequently asked questions

  • What kind of activity does your center?


Our hospital is a spinal rehabilitation center.People can get treatment after stroke, after trauma and with different spine problems.


  • Where is your center?


The address of " Cross " Rehabilitation Center is Yerevan, Ashtarak Highway 50/12.


  • Phone number of your center?


Phone number is 011 773 773.


  •  Days and working hours of your Center?


Monday – Friday from 09:00 till 17:00.


  • Is in your center consultation of the expert  held on a paid basis?


In our center consultation is free. For record call 011 773 773.


  •  From what age it is possible to receive treatment in your center?


Patients from 17 years can address to our center.


  • In what way the intestinal douche’s procedure is carried out?


Intestinal douche is carried out with the use of sea salt and anti-inflammatory medicines.


  • How many procedures include one course of intestinal douche?


One course of intestinal douche consists 3 procedures which are carried out every 3-4 days.


  • Can people apply for free consultation from regions?


Free consultation works for all citizens of the Republic of Armenia.


  • What procedures are carried out in your center?


In our center the following procedures are carried out: kinesiotherapy, massage, electrotherapy, mud therapy, hydrotherapy, inhalation, SKENAR-therapy, reflexotherapy, lymphatic drainage, intestinal douche.