Rehabilitation of the disabled

Medical rehabilitation of disabled people is a partial or complete recovery of house, public and professional potential of disabled people.

This process is directed to elimination or restoration of the vital functions which came to the forefront as a result of destructive violations of health and the most important functions of an organism.One of priorities of this process is ensuring social adaptation of disabled people, their financial independence and successful integration into society.

 Main directions of medical rehabilitation of disabled people:

 - medical rehabilitation processes, rehabilitation surgery, prosthetics and an etiology, the corresponding treatment in resorts.

- vocational guidance, training and education, employment, productive adaptation.

- ensuring uninterrupted access for disabled people, engineering, transport, objects of social infrastructure,

- physical training, sport and other medical processes.

The main directions of medical rehabilitation of disabled people are:

 - use of technical means of rehabilitation process by disabled people;

- ensuring continuous access for disabled people, development, transport, objects of social infrastructure,

- transport, intermedia,

- access to information on medical rehabilitation of disabled people and members of their families.


Individual medical rehabilitation system for disabled people:


The individual medical rehabilitation system for physically disabled people represents a complex of optimum medical procedures for disabled people. He includes separate types, forms and volumes for introduction of medical, professional and other standards of health for rehabilitation of disability, ability to perform certain operations, functions which are damaged or lost in an organism.

 Stages of medical rehabilitation of disabled people are given below: stationary, out-patient, and in some countries also resort. Highly qualified specialists degrade all processes. Highly qualified specialists carry out all processes.