Surgery on the spine is aimed at eliminating the root causes, and rehabilitation therapy after surgery is intended to bring person back to a normal lifestyle, to rehabilitate him in the physical and psycho-emotional terms.

Rehabilitative treatment after spinal surgery is held in three stages:

  • The first task is the elimination of pain, paresis and numbness and skews compensation of torso and pelvis.
  • The second is aimed at combating domestic constraints and stabilization of the overall health of the patient.
  • And the third is aimed at the complete recovery of the normal biomechanical integrity and the recuperation of strength of the musculoskeletal system, as well as the removal of any possible restrictions for physical training.

In this case, a set of specific methods, actions and a list of techniques is determined by the course of the disease, the individual characteristics of the organism and the passed time of the therapy and its side effects.

Rehabilitative activities include physical therapy, massage, medical gymnastics and, of course, spa treatment. In addition, the patient must maintain a healthy lifestyle, weight lifting limit the, avoid hypothermia, stress, prolonged monotonous work in the same forced posture, control the weight, do not make any sudden movements.