Rehabilitative treatment, is a team work, that is called to give the patient physical, functional, psychological, intellectual and social recovery.

The main goals of the physiotherapist in physical therapy department:
  • maximum recovery of physical functionality of the patient,
  • elimination or mitigation of pain,
  • prevention or restriction of physical disabilities of patients,
  • prophylaxis of complications and disabilities through the planning and realization of a correct and effective physical therapy.

Physiotherapist works with patients who have disorders of musculoskeletal system, central and peripheral nervous system.

Physiotherapist correctly interprets and assess the patient’s physical data, the depth of the health problem, after consultation with the doctor performs the treatment planning and implementation.

Spinal traction is one of the most effective methods of motor system treatment. We differentiate two types of spinal traction` so-called dry and underwater.

  • For dry traction we use specific horizontal and vertical tables. Spinal dry traction is done by using the patient`s own weight.
  • The underwater traction is done with the combination of hot water and tightening in the same time. The last one is more soft and effective method.

As the rehabilitation is a team work, all team members are always made to the current consultations between the patient’s treatment plan and carry out final preparations for patients write out. The physiotherapist also prepares the patient’s family members for taking care to maintain the right continuation of the treatment.